Providing clinical assessment, genetic counselling, genetic testing, and support to individuals, couples, and families

Many different health conditions can be caused by changes in our genes. For many people, finding and understanding these genetic changes provides an answer to their health problems and can help prevent and/or treat current or future health problems.

At First Light Genetics, we offer a full range of clinical assessment, genetic counselling and genetic testing services for people with a personal or family history of a genetic condition, or who are suspected of having a genetic condition.

If an inherited condition is found (one that runs in the family), we can test and counsel other family members. We also provide genetic screening and testing for couples who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

Genetic services we provide include

Dr Mohammad Al-shinnag

Dr Mohammad Al-shinnag is an experienced clinical geneticist who has spent years helping individuals and families across Sydney understand their genetic conditions and make the right choices for them.

When he is not working at First Light Genetics, Dr Mohammad works in a genomics laboratory, consults at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney, and teaches medical students at the University of New South Wales.

Dr Mohammad has a strong academic and research interest and keeps up to date with the rapidly advancing field of genetics and genomics.

What is a clinical geneticist?
A clinical geneticist is a doctor who has had specialist training in diagnosing and managing genetic conditions.
Genetic conditions are health conditions that are caused by changes in a person’s genetic makeup.